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Microfinance Program of SAP-Bangladesh

Features of Financial Products of SAP-BD Micro-finance Program

Through its microfinance program, SAP-Bangladesh stresses on supporting economic activities to generate employment and income to reduce income inequality among the disadvantaged and the poor. Presently SAP-BD provides its flexible financial services to almost 35000 poor people through its 26 branch offices in 7 districts.

Some Special features of the SAP-BD Microfinance Program:

  • Need-based product with the scope of diversification
  • Customers freedom
  • Open withdrawal savings
  • Savings withdrawal has no relationship with loan outstanding
  • Loan is optional
  • Use of commercial money as RLF(Revolving Loan Fund)
  • Strong financial discipline and internal control at the branch level
  • Branch office automation with user-friendly software (ongoing)
  • Operational and financial self-sufficiency

SAP-BD’s microfinance products have been developed in response to the demand of its customers and specifically designed to assist their economic activities – they are market-led and customer-responsive. As a result, SAP-Bangladesh has many comparative advantages.