Capacity Development:

Capacity Development is an integral part to the SAP-BD’s efforts in fighting the local, national and global survival. It is what we do and how we do our work. Capacity is defined as the ability of individuals and organizations or organizational units to perform functions effectively, efficiently and sustainably. Capacity Development is an evidence-driven process of strengthening the abilities of individuals, organizations, and systems to perform core functions sustainably, to continue to improve and develop over time.

Based on the above stock SAP–Bangladesh strongly believes that financial support is not enough to achieve development goals by the NGOs.  Development attachment and working with the small and grassroots level NGOs over the decades, SAP-Bangladesh has learnt that training is one of the best tools for reflecting, conceptualizing, and to brainstorming on relevant needs for capacity development. It can develop an organization socially, financially and institutionally as well.  In order to strengthen the organization’s financial sustainability SAP-BD divided the training in major two wings. SAP-BD’s Capacity development unit known as training has contributed in the reporting period one carries-venue-selling intervention for strengthening financial support of organization and the other deals with academic uplift of SAP-BD’s professional expertise.

Training Center:

The organization also provides support of residential training as it has the capacity for 25 residences in its hostels. The capacity-building program of SAP-Bangladesh is the result of this realization. During the reporting period, training unit has contributed utilizing its resources in different ways. The total number of 40 training courses has been conducted in this fiscal year. The major client of this training center includes The Nielsen Company Bangladesh Ltd, WARBE Development Foundation, Lalmi Food Product, CARE BANGLADESH , SAJIDA Foundation, Save the Children, ANTAR Society for Development, Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Ashar Alo Society (AAS), CSMR, Udayan, Global, OTSIC BD, and so on.

Infrastructure of SAP-Bangladesh:

South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh has its own five-storied office building in Dhaka, which is called the Dhaka Office or main office. In the office campus, it has a training-cum-hostel facility. The air-conditioned training auditorium can accommodate at least 30 participants and it has a residential facility for at least 25 people. For gradually expanding its direct field operations, SAP-BD opens its direct field centers in different region of the country including northern and southern region. Moreover, SAP-Bangladesh maintains very sound transportation system for the speedy functioning of official assignments including jeep, car, microbus and at least 48 motorbikes. 

South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh maintains about 42 computers operated for program development and management. It has a smooth internet connection and all the senior managers of the organization have access to the internet for easy communication with the relevant agencies, both home and abroad.

Staff Strength:

SAP-Bangladesh recognizes that human resource is one of the most important factors for healthy growth and development of an organization. Staff development in SAP-Bangladesh is a continuous process. The staff are trained through different workshops, seminars, consultations, dialogues, and training both inside the country and overseas. SAP-Bangladesh also gives emphasis on on-the-job training. During the fiscal year, SAP Bangladesh utilized 212 staff to bring the best for the organization.