There are many micro credit organizations in Bangladesh and providing credit to the poor households but sustainable development is not achieved. For the sustainable development it is required to develop their health and education and increasing their capabilities on livelihood activities. Increasing the access to modern technologies, proper health services and education of poor household then the productivity will be increased. In this regard PKSF takes a program on the basis of one union one partner organization. An integrated support package and credit is included in the program. SAP-Bangladesh is implementing ENRICH program since February 2010 with support and funding from PKSF.

Goal of the program:

Best utilization of resources and capabilities and enhancing resources and increasing capabilities of poor household towards elimination of their poverty.


  • To empower the poor households and elimination of the poverty.
  • To ensure the access of poor households in health, education and nutrition.
  • To mitigate natural disaster and rehabilitate the poor households.
  • To sustainable elimination of the poverty through organizational development.

Beneficiary Criteria:

  • Those who are involved in any program in PKSF
  • Willing to get micro credit but not involved in any credit organization.
  • Ultra poor/destitute households those who are not considered eligible to get credit.

Number of beneficiary households:

3774 households in 14 villages of Panpatti Union

Working Area:

SAP-Bangladesh is implementing ENRICH program in Panpotti Union of Galachipa Upazila.

Duration of the program:

The program was started from February, 2010 and no cut- off date.

 Components of the program:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Livelihood
  • Water and sanitation

 Component wise activities of ENRICH Program:

Health Education Livelihoods Water & Sanitation
· Static clinic (By Health Assistant)

·  Provide primary treatment tothe patients in static clinic

· Satellite clinic (By MBBS Doctor)

·  Provide primary treatment among the patients in satellite clinic

· Health camp (By Specialist Doctor)

· Participation in NID

·  Establishment of education centre (EC)

·  Admission of students

·  Repairing of wooden/Bamboo made shako/bridge

· Recruitment of Teachers

· Distribution of school materials (Black Board, Mat, Chalk, Duster, Signboard etc)

·  Enlist of security guards

·  Establishment of medicinal plants garden

Distribution of porous pipe

· AWD Irrigation System)

· Installation of sanitary latrine in educational institution

· Repairing of sanitary latrine in educational institution

· Repairing of wooden/Bamboo made shako/bridge

· Installation of deep tube well/PSF/RWHS