Fatema Now Goes to School Regularly

Every man lives with hope & opportunity. We know that opportunity makes a human success. If a man doesn’t get minimum opportunity, he will never be success in life. Here we write about a child who is only 10 years old but now she is a promising girl.


Mosammat Fatema, daughter of Harun Mia and Mosammat Nasima Begum, Village: Gulbunia, Post: Potkakali, Union: Dhalua, Upzilla: Barguna Sadar, District: Barguna. Her Father is a fisherman. His dream was that daughter Fatema will be a doctor. But Fatema couldn’t go to school, because, she felt insecurity during school time at school. So, she didn’t want to go to school. There was no child friendly environment at school, said her mother. So, Nasima Begum gave companion to Fatema on the way to school. Sometimes mothers stay at school with Fatema to keep her confidence. At that time Plan Bangladesh and SAP-Bangladesh supported SIP program started at Gulbunia Shishu-Kishor Registered Non-Government Primary School. Under micro-plan school authority started Child Ministry, Parents Meeting, Community Monitoring and collect sports materials. Within a few days everything has been changed. School management ensured regular assembly in the school.


These initiatives brought changes in school operational activities those reflected in day to day work. Parents reviewed attendance, results, and continuous assessment process of the school. Parents discussed with SMC and teachers about children’s prospects and problems. Parents and SMC came to school to observe school activities. Students sit in a monthly assessment and teachers show the results to the students and parents. Now teachers are the best friend of Fatema and other learners. Children published wall magazine. Physical punishment not found recently in the school. As a whole, child friendly teaching learning environment starts functioning in the school.


On the other hand community also came forward. Community people discussed child safe road to school. Issues include road safety considering transport accident, miscreant or troublemaker. At the same time community also talked on child care, home study, neat and cleanliness, children readiness to daily class.


So, within a short time Mosammat Fatema became changed. She lost her fear to road, school or class. Now she goes to school happily & regularly. She enjoys her lessons in class time. She works at the class time in small group with joy. Different learning materials became interesting to her. She plays with other classmates and school children in leisure time with sports materials.


Fatema got good result in monthly exam. She said, “I will be a doctor in future.” She tries to follow teachers and parents direction. Her father is very happy and hopeful about his daughter. Md. Harun Mia hopes that his daughter will successfully complete her learning and will be a famous person. He also thanked to Plan-Bangladesh and SAP-Bangladesh.