SAP’s Networks

Partnership Network at National & Regional Level

For the last 25 years, SAP-Bangladesh is striving for building partnership and network through providing technical assistance and capacity building process. SAP-Bangladesh has initiated its participation with at least 400 local agencies in the preceding years.


SAP-Bangladesh has developed partnerships and network of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), individual activists and locally elected government representatives located throughout the country to help it implement complex, integrated Rights- based community programs as well as to deliver local and national advocacy campaigns. In addition, SAP-Bangladesh takes a leadership role in many advocacy initiatives in the struggle to fight injustices perpetrated against women, children, the poor and the most vulnerable groups.


South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh has been working for building peace and security by reducing political unrest, misuse of illicit arms, eradicating poverty and many important and public interests.


issues since its inception. SAP-BD has initiated a forum in national level for raising awareness to reduce the use of illegal arms.


SAP-Bangladesh is also an active network member of CAMPE, CDF,  BSAF, IANSA, SPED, NFASA, INAFI, and Kannya Shisu Advocacy Forum.


South Asia Partnership Network at Regional Level

SAP-Bangladesh is one of five regional partners in the South Asia Partnership- International (SAP- I) Network. Other members are SAP-Pakistan, SAP-Nepal, SAP-Canada and SAP-Sri Lanka. The group’s objective is to influence the governments of the five countries in developing and influencing policies that affect the South Asian region through “collective” positions and representing the vision of the people of South Asia. Since the inception, the network has developed a good number of research papers and conducted many public oriented surveys, projects and programs etc. The network is continuing its influential activities that reflect the interest of the people of South Asia.